How urine is the nectar of life?

Now doctors have accepted that to fight & clear toxins from the body, our body creates antibodies. During sleep the computer of our body manufactures such medicines according to specific requirements of the individual & is present in a big quantity in the first urine in the morning. If the first urine is drunk, the body will get all its requirements, salts etc. In many religious scriptures it is mentioned that this urine is the nectar of life.

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How to use : Let the few drops pass. Then collect the urine in a clean glass or tumbler & drank it. Even in long fasting, it is advised to drink one’s urine. The former prime minister of India Sri Morarjibhai Desai used urine therapy. He used to drink his urine & massage the same on his body for 40 years till his death at the age of 100. That was the secret of his redness till the last minute. His skin was healthy & had no wrinkles.

Useful for eyes : Keep the urine in an eye glass or in palm & use it as an eye wash after the urine has cooled down. It is effective to keep the eyes in good condition & cure the beginning of cataract. It also cures many eye related infections.

Useful for teeth : For any type of problem of teeth even when teeth are shaking, gargle this urine for at least five minutes. Then massage the urine on the gums. It is very useful for curing many problems related with teeth disorder.

Care of hair : Massaging of urine on hair & scalp makes the hair soft & silky, clears dandruff, germs etc. It can be applied on the face before a shave as a shaving cream & it will give clean smooth shave & after wards can also be used as after shave lotion. It enhances the glow of your face. It is also used as best shampoo for hair.

Cure skin problems : Urine is one of the best medicine for the skin. The urine is used in syphilis, gangrene & white spots. Urine therapy is also used to cure many skin related problems.

Things to remember : Before using self urine it must get tested in lab. The self urine should not contain sugar or pus. If self urine contains sugar or pus , take the treatment to cure the same & do not use urine till the problem is completely cured.


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