How vegetarian diet can adversely affect?

Scientists recently declared that vegetarian are much less likely to develop cancer. This is great new for the people who are vegetarian. Bur at the same time some vegetarian diets can also have bad affects on your heath. Here are explained some vegetarians diets that adversely affects your health.

1. Infertility can develop in vegetarians : About one in six couples experience problems trying to conceive & there is some evidence showing that the problem is compounded by a vegetarian diet. Studies have suggested that eating large amounts of Soya, popular with vegetarians because it provides protein, can affect a woman's fertility.

A compound in Soya called genistein sabotages sperm as it swims towards the egg. Genistein is present in all Soya products. The researchers recommended that women avoid Soya around the most fertile times of the month to aid conception.

2. Dental erosion can develop in vegetarians : Dental erosion is caused when acid comes into contact with the teeth. Fruit & vegetables are generally acidic. Studies have suggested vegetarians are more at risk. Different cooking methods could increase the acidity of vegetarian dishes, such as roasted vegetables.

Exposure to high temperatures produced chemical changes that made the acid more concentrated &more damaging to teeth. In particular, the acidity level of courgettes, peppers, onions & aubergines increased when roasted.

3. Depression can develop in vegetarians : One of the major vitamin deficiencies vegetarians risk is a lack of vitamin B12. Found only in meat & dairy foods or foods such as cereal that have been artificially fortified, it is vital for cell growth and nerve function. You don't need to eat much animal protein to get enough. An adult needs just 1.5mcg a day & a couple of slices of meat will provide that.

But if you don't get even this small amount of B12 you are at risk of mild neurological problems, including mood swings & depression. Vitamin B12 deficiency can manifest itself in extreme fatigue & brain or mood problems. Eating yeast products such as Marmite can help because they contain B12, although meat is the best source.

4. Muscular atrophy can develop in vegetarians : Muscle atrophy, or wasting, is a potential side-effect linked to any diet that cuts out protein, which is essential for building and maintaining muscle health.

Anyone switching from a meat-eating to a vegetarian diet who doesn't replace the protein supplied by meat could be at risk of unhealthy muscle loss. Good sources of vegetarian protein include beans, rice & broccoli, peanut butter, soybeans, tofu or quinoa.

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