How your body changes during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very special moment in every woman’s life. During pregnancy hormones released out of your body, that do two things. One is they influence the growth of your body & other is they send signals that changes the way your organs function. The hormonal change during pregnancy affects every part of your body. Here is given the overview of what happens & where it happens in your body during pregnancy.

Changes in hormonal level : With the start of pregnancy hormones production is continue to increase. The hormonal increase results in some unpleasant signs & symptoms for you like. You might experience nausea & vomiting, breast soreness, headaches, dizziness, increased urination, insomnia & vivid dreams. Nausea & vomiting may be the most significant hormone-related change you’ve experienced since last month.

Changes in your gastrointestinal system in response to high hormone levels almost certainly play a role. Increased progesterone slows down the pace at which your food passes through your digestive tract. Therefore, your stomach empties somewhat more slowly, which may make you more likely to have nausea & vomiting. Estrogen may have a direct effect on the brain that triggers nausea.Nausea & vomiting affect up to 70 % of pregnant women.

Changes in circulatory system : During pregnancy your body is continuing to produce more blood to carry oxygen & nutrients to your baby. The process of increased blood production remains continue throughout your pregnancy. It is especially high with the start of pregnancy & the coming months, while pregnancy is making enormous demands on your circulation.

Despite this effort, your blood vessels are dilating even more quickly. Your circulation is just a bit short of blood volume. To accommodate these changes, your heart is continuing to pump harder & faster. These changes in your circulatory system may be causing fatigue, dizziness & headaches.

Changes in breasts : During the pregnancy due to increased production of estrogen & progesterone, your breasts are continue to enlarge. This due to the milk producing glands inside your breasts grows in size. You may also notice that your areolas, the rings of brown or reddish-brown skin around your nipples, are starting to enlarge and darken. This is the result of increased blood circulation. Your breasts may feel tender, tingly or sore. Or they may feel fuller & heavier.

Changes in uterus : Normally your uterus is used to be the size of pear but if If this is your first pregnancy, it’s starting to expand. By the time you deliver your baby, it will have expanded to about 1,000 times its original size. To house your growing baby, your uterus expands from an area within your pelvis to just below your rib cage.

With the start of pregnancy & the coming months, your uterus will fit inside your pelvis. However, its increasing size may cause you to feel the need to urinate more often. You may also leak urine when you sneeze, cough or laugh. This is a simple matter of geography. During the first few months of pregnancy, your bladder lies directly in front & slightly under your uterus. As your uterus grows, your bladder gets crowded out.

Changes in cervix : With the start of pregnancy your cervix becomes bluish tinged & continues to soften. Over the course of your pregnancy, your cervix will become softer & softer. This prepares it for thinning & opening that are necessary parts of childbirth. By the seventh week of pregnancy, the mucous plug is well established in your cervix. This structure blocks the cervical canal during pregnancy, to prevent germs from getting into your uterus. The plug loosens & passes late in pregnancy, typically when your cervix starts to thin out & open in preparation for labor.

Changes in vagina : You may experience some vaginal bleeding during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. It is indicated that as many as 40 %of pregnant women may have some bleeding. However it is also indicated that fewer than half these women will have miscarriages.

With the above explanation you have seen how your body changes with the advent of pregnancy & continue to change till the birth of your baby. You should not worry about these changes because these changes are good for the health of the baby, developing in your womb.


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