Is Homosexuality a mental or emotional illness?

Homosexuality is a sexual preference towards another person of same sex. In homosexuality, wherein a person feels sexually attracted to another person, it is not a sexual perversion, nor is it a disease. Like most of the people are attracted to people of opposite sex & are called heterosexual, in the same way a minority of people when attracted to people of same sex are called homosexuals.

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Homosexual are pronounced with different words like gay & lesbians. The term gay is pronounced for homosexual men while the term lesbian is pronounced for homosexual women. They experience similar feeling of love, attraction & romance like heterosexual individuals. The only difference being that the feelings are felt towards a same sex individual.

Causes of homosexuality : As far as the causes of homosexuality is concerned, It is not clear whether sexual preferences result from genetic causes or are moulded by the environment in which a child grows up. Some research studies have suggested that homosexuality is genetic and is present at birth, there is no conclusive evidence to prove it.

There have been other studies to prove that homosexuality develops as a result of complex interactions between a child's social, psychological & physiological environment. The realization whether an individual is homosexual or not, usually dawns after puberty. Just like heterosexuality, homosexuality is also an alternative way of life.

Is mental or emotional illness : Homosexuality historically had been considered a sin and a sexual abnormality. Thus most homosexuals were afraid to reveal their sexual preference & were called closet homosexuals. Homosexuals on the other hand may harbor anger towards heterosexuals for marginalizing them. Homosexuals are not different human beings and do not have feelings any different from heterosexuals.

However, since they are in a minority, they may develop a low self esteem because of the constant shunning by society. A long period of forced secretiveness about their sexuality may also have a negative impact on their psyche. Some gay & lesbians may start dressing differently in order to make a statement to those around them, but this is most often a defense mechanism.


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