Kissing increases pleasure of lovemaking

To begin the lovemaking, kissing may be the best way. It is the most romantic act in which couple can engage. Kissing is a great way in which couple exchanges a great deal of information when their lips meet. It's a major mate assessment tool, often making or breaking how far things will go in a sexual situation. Here is explained how kissing can increase the sexual satisfaction.

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1. Induce bonding - Making out is a sign of commitment, especially in the unconscious willingness to risk contracting illness or death.

2. Promote sexual access - Males in particular use it as a way to seduce romantic partners.

3. Invite reconciliation, helping lovers to reunite after a fight.

4. Cause sexual excitement, which may increase levels of oxytocin in both men and women.

5. Show your genuine desire and love for another.

6. Spike dopamine in the brain, which is associated with romantic love.

7. Trigger sexual desire with the exchange of testosterone.


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