MedSmart Medication tool can save lives!

Many year a lot of people die not because they don’t access to medication but due to the fact they simply forget to take them. They don’t comply with the prescription issued by their doctors. So seeing these things & to avoid such tragic situations, American Medical Alert has released the MedSmart Medication Tool. This tool directly addresses medication compliance issues & provides peace of mind to anyone living with or caring for the sick or elderly.

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The manufacturer informs about the tool that the MedSmart reminds, dispenses & can report medication non-compliance, ensuring that a patient takes the proper medications at the proper time. If by chance a person missed a dose, the system will send a signal that ensures designated caregivers are promptly notified via text, voice or email messages, allowing for proactive & responsive care.

The MedSmart features easy-to-fill Medtrays that can be loaded by caregivers ahead of time to ensure proper medications & doses are dispensed &, at dosage times. Medications are made readily available at the exact time they need to be taken. Furthermore, the device activates both visual & audio alarms to alert the patient. It can even dispense early the medication in the case the patient needs to leave the house.

John O’Brien, PharmD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Clinical & Administrative Sciences said, “MedSmart is a tool that should be utilized by anyone trying to manage a medication regimen. It is vital that anyone needing medications take them properly. MedSmart will help increase medication compliance & as a result, improve and save many lives.”



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