Mistakes, big & small might teach something

People are often afraid of making mistakes because they don’t want to face humiliation, embarrassment, censure & lots of other nasty things which can come from simple or significant mistakes. The life doesn’t work the way you want. The thing that is right for one can be wrong for another. Every body wants be perfect but it’s not so simple.

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Take calculated risks : Have you ever met someone, who is very successful & simply couldn’t understand why they had become so successful? Oftentimes, their success is based upon taking risks. Hopefully calculated ones. More so, they likely learned from their mistakes. If anything, mistakes will teach you something. Mistakes are not the results of doing an impulse or simply thinking about something.

Mistakes are often the byproduct : It is generally seen that mistakes are the byproduct of some serious analytic thinking about the right course of action. Restraining your impulses to prevent mistakes is a great idea. Restraining your analytical thinking and decision making processes because you are afraid to get it wrong is simply preventing you from ever having a chance.
Fear can prevent you from ever moving forward and it can stick you in something called analysis paralysis. Analysis paralysis keeps you thinking about the consequences of a course of action & makes you simply lose sight of the end result.

Mistakes are a Learning Opportunity : Making mistakes is a good learning opportunity for you. Adding to your knowledgebase is a great way to keep your brain working for the long haul. Making mistakes is simply one more way that you can learn & it’s often experience learning. Experience learning is about doing something that then gets branded into your mind.

Mistakes happen both personally and professionally. You either did or will learn & grow personally & professional from these mistakes. Live your life, make a mistake or mistakes, don’t be afraid to, you will learn from them and be stronger for it.


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