Monsoon infections! Affects your health

With the advent of rains the monsoon season starts. Monsoon season comes with many diseases & there is threat of various infections that are borne from water. In rainy season water is collected here & there. Thus it becomes necessary for you to keep yourself healthy & fit during monsoon season. Here are explained some monsoon infections that affects your health.

Gastroenteritis : This infection is also known as stomach flu. The E coli bacterium causes the intestinal infection which results in inflammation of gastro intestinal track. The symptoms of this infection include vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea & dehydration.

But the positive thing about this infection is that it is self-limiting. This infection does not require much treatment other than keeping the patient re hydrated. In extreme cases of dehydration & kidney shutdown, where person found himself incapable of passing urine then medical attention is required.

Malaria : It is one of the most common diseases caused by mosquito. Female Anopheles mosquito carry malaria parasites, when they bite someone then those parasites enter to his body & cause malaria. These parasites later on enter to the lungs & multiply & spread through out the body through blood vessels.

If malaria is not treated timely and quickly, it can prove to be a life threatening disease by disrupting the blood supply to reach your vital body organs. The various symptoms of malaria are fever, vomiting, headache & jaundice. People with weak immune system & those who are living in unhealthy living conditions are more susceptible to malarial attack.

Typhoid : It is caused by a bacteria named as salmonella typhi. This aliment gets essentially caused by poor hygiene, more specially due to feeding yourself with food handled by an infected person. The various symptoms of typhoid are fever, headache, abdominal pain& diarrhea.

If you left your typhoid untreated, it can cause severe complications & even result in your untimely death. The treatment of typhoid consists of antibiotics for prolonged period of two or more weeks. Even an intra muscular vaccine to fight typhoid is also given to patients, though this vaccine is not given to all patients due to its possible side effects & repercussions.


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