More sunbathe can lead to skin cancer

New study has claimed that too much sunshine can lead to the most deadly form of skin caner. It is found that, although sunbathing is a risk factor, the number of moles on a person's skin is the most important indicator of whether they will go on to develop melanoma. Researchers also identified two genes that dictate how many moles someone will have & their risk of getting skin cancer.

They said such warning would be more useful if focused on those most at risk, namely anyone with more than 100 moles on their body, redheads & people with fair skin & taught them how to check their moles for changes in shape, size or colors. Melanoma although accounts for just 10 per cent of skin cancer cases.

The number of moles that a person has is one of the strongest risk factors for melanoma stronger even than sunshine. This paper shows that they found two important genes that control the number of moles a person have. Those genes also give an extra risk of melanoma.

A dermatologist Dr Veronique Bataille said, “You often read that nearly all melanomas are caused by sunshine, which is not supported by the evidence. Let's keep sunshine in the picture because it does make you age & causes you wrinkle. But let's move away from scaring people by saying they are going to die because they go in the sun.”

It is advised by dermatologists that everyone should be aware of changes in their moles & report anything worrying to their specialists.


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