Ovary removal can cause lung cancer risk

New study suggests that ovary removal may increase the risk lung cancer in women. Women those who undergo hysterectomies in which both ovaries are removed along with the uterus to prevent ovarian cancer. Researchers have found that women whose menopause had been induced medically were at 1.92 time’s greater risk of developing lung cancer than women who had experienced natural menopause.

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Aside from the fact that smoking increases risk of lung cancer, the results of this study suggest that having a non-natural menopause contributes to an almost doubling of the risk. The vast majority of women who had experienced a non-natural menopause had had both ovaries surgically removed. While smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, other factors may play a role in enhancing the impact of the carcinogens in tobacco.

Both normal & cancerous lung tissue express estrogen receptors and may be influenced by levels of the hormone in the body. Medically induced menopause usually occurs at a younger age than natural menopause. Surgical menopause results in a sudden drop in estrogen levels, compared with the more gradual decline in hormone levels that occur with natural menopause.

The increased lung cancer risk may be linked to the impact of plummeting hormone levels. Women those who had their ovaries removed were less likely to develop breast cancer & virtually eliminated their risk of ovarian cancer. They were more prone to heart disease & were at greater risk for other kinds of cancer, including a doubling of the risk for lung cancer among those women who never used hormone therapy.

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