Physical activity helps children asleep faster

It is found that the children, who run around all the day, are often fall asleep faster & they have a better night’s rest than others. In a study over more than 500 children it is found that every hour child is inactive adds three minutes to the time it takes to nod off. The effect remains same whether the children were slumped in front of television or reading quietly.

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The children who fell asleep faster also tends to sleep for longer. This also added to the evidence that links lack of sleep with obesity. They found it took the children an average of 26 minutes to fall asleep. The majority of children had dozed off within three-quarters on an hour.

The physical activity is important for children not only for fitness, cardiovascular health & weight control, but also for their good sleep. As short sleep duration is associated with obesity & lower cognitive performance. Community emphasis on the importance of promoting healthy sleep in children is vitally important.

So, playing games, running around & physical activity help to promote good sleep & better night rest to children.


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