Prevent premature graying in children

The problem of premature gray hair is commonly found among the children of this age. Premature grey hair problem is the result of melanocyte inactivity that is caused be malnutrition among the children. This problem is a condition that will remedy itself in time with proper intake of food.

What is Melanocyes : These are stem cells in your body found under the skin. They secrete melanin, which is a pigment that is responsible for the color of the skin& hair that humans have. The pigment can also be found in some kind of plants. Melanin in hair is of two type one is eumelanin & another is pheomalanin. Eumelanin is the darker of the two forms of melanin & it is the balance of these two that cause the darker or lighter appearance of hair color.

Function of Melanocytes : They are stem cells so they keep regenerating & their numbers are always fixed in the body. This has no bearing on the skin color itself but the activity & melanin production is the key to skin & hair color. Melanogenesis it the cellular process in which melanin is created & that stimulates this process is what you need to achieve to reverse the effect of graying that your children are undergoing.

Death of melanocytes causes graying : Adult graying is caused by the death of melanocytes in the skin which is a process that cannot yet be reversed. When the skin pigment melanin is absent in the skin & hair, the hair turns into a transparent tube but the entire collection of hair can give the impression of a gray & white appearance.

Sun exposure as remedy for stimulating melanocyte : To stimulate melanogenesis the simplest action you could take is to let your children out in the sun more often. When melanocytes are exposed to ultra violet (UV) radiation, the process of melanogenesis is triggered causing more melanin to be produced permanently. UV exposure is not completely without its risks & overkill potential. Exposure in the sun for more than five or ten minutes at a time should be avoided to avoid cellular damage & sunburns.

Intake of Vitamin A : You should also increase your children’s intake of vitamin A by making them eat carrots or through vitamin supplements. Usage of Vitamin A helps to prevent children from graying.


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