Relief from period pain, Zapper might help!

An estimated 75 % of women suffer from period pain, one in five so severely that it affects everyday activities. Symptoms range from abdominal pain & nausea to dizziness & diarrhea. There are two types of period pain also known as dysmenorrhoea. The more common is primary dysmenorrhoea in which there is no underlying medical reason for the pain. In other words, a woman's womb is healthy & the pain is the result of the body's natural process of shedding the womb lining.

In secondary dysmenorrhoea, the symptoms are caused by something more serious, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, where bacteria infect the reproductive organs & trigger painful swelling. Many women rely on painkillers to cope with the period problem. GPs may also prescribe the contraceptive pill that help to thin the lining of the womb so that muscles don’t have to contract during a periods. It helps reducing the pain.

The Allay Period Relief Patch is a revolutionary, drug-free treatment for pain and discomfort associated with menstruation. Utilizing advanced state-of-the-art, battery-operated microchip technology, the product delivers continuous electromagnetic therapy that quickly reduces edema, inflammation, pain & discomfort. The technology on which the Allay Period Relief Patch is based is well-proven in hundreds of scientific studies and published papers.

The unit consists of a control module containing the computerized microchip & battery, which is connected to a flexible loop that bends to meet the contours of a woman’s body. The control unit & loop are contained within a soft, hypoallergenic biodegradable sleeve that is comfortably worn against the skin at the site of menstrual pain, cramping & discomfort.

The theory is that when cells are traumatized, such as during menstruation, their natural electrical charge is reduced. This triggers chemical signals that cause inflammation, resulting in pain & also inhibiting the communication between cells necessary for pain relief to begin. It's said that the new device restores the natural electrical balance in the cells, triggering healing.

PEMF has even been used to help injured racehorses recover. But the equipment has traditionally been bulky & immobile. The new patch shrinks the technology into a handy size that allows the patient to go about their normal activities. Gynecologist Dr Peter Bowen-Simpkins says, “Some are so disabled by period pain they cannot go to work, school or university. If this patch really is able to make a difference, then I would welcome it.”


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