Relieves Sinus problem with Hydro Pulse Nasal Irrigator

Nasal hygiene is a neglected part of your daily routine. People only think about it when they suffer from sinus problem or when catching a cold. Now you will surprised to know that how a little gadget can prove to be useful for providing you relief from sinus problem. There are many other options that may be claimed to cure the sinus problem but this new gadget might prove useful to get rid of sinus issue.

The HydroPulse Nasal & Sinus Irrigator has been developed by Dr. Murray Grossan, M.D., a respected ear, nose & throat specialist with over thirty years of experience in treating sinus problems. This solution promises to be a better alternative to other existing nasal irrigation methods, like the neti pots.

The basic irrigator use only water & salt while Hydro Pulse irrigator does more to cleanse the nose. It uses a pulsating stream to move the nasal cilia at their natural healthy rate of motion. This is the way that cilia normally protect your sinuses against foreign bodies.

The HydroPulse gently relieves the symptoms of sinusitis, allergies/rhinitis, post nasal drip & congestion. The device works by sending pulses of warm saline through the nasal passages, helping flush out allergens, germs & mucus. Basically, this stuff cannot be completely removed by simply blowing your nose.

The maker describes it as being comfortable, easy to use & not messy. When buying it, you get two nasal tips & two throat tips or tongue cleaners, plus two boxes (66 single-use packets) of all-natural BreatheEaseXL nasal moisturizer. In addition, you are offered a copy of Dr. Murray Grossan's new book, “Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems Permanently.”



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