Tantric sex a spiritual approach to sexuality!

Many cultures in world consider that thinking about sex is a sinful or a taboo topic. Orgasm is seen primarily as autonomic response to stimulation. It results in ejaculation for male & vaginal contraction for female. But Tantric sex, on the other hand is based, totally on the different concept. It is based on esoteric teachings of several eastern religions.

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Slowing down sexual activity : Tantric sex basically slows down the sexual activity & using excitement as a means to an end. In it the Tantric partners exchange mental, emotional & physical energy with each other rather than using their lovers as a living tool for self-gratification. Tantra is a spiritual approach to sexuality. Prolonged sexual pleasure can be achieved by using Tantric methods.

Sex a vehicle to bliss : Sex is simply the vehicle to bliss, like Tantric meditation. Many years of study & practice can make you master in Tantric sex. But ii is not an exclusive activity. Every human being can reap the benefits by employing simple practices. Here is explained some simple practices of tantric sex.

Focus on Breath : It is very important to focus on your breathing. Many people take shallow breaths. The deep breathing leads to deeper relaxation. You should check your breath whenever you pass through a door. Remain aware of the conscious being that you are. Focus on the palm of your right hand to get a better sense of your energy, noticing every sensation.

Feel Sensation : Do the same for your left hand. Keep these sensations in mind as you move your hands together, almost to the point of touching. Check the sensations again, noting how they may differ from the original sensation. This helps you learn the outline of your energy body, which is different from your physical body.

You should slow down the eating habit that you have, you should truly taste your food & drink. Keep the track of sensation like texture & temperature. If you’re receiving sexual stimulation, don’t worry about outcomes. If you’re giving sexual stimulation, don’t worry about performance.

Feel Energy : Instead, simply allow the experiences to occur. Feel the energy as it flows between you. Once this happens, you will realize that the medical model of sexual fulfillment isn’t the only way to make love. It is Tantric love that is the actual model of making love.


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