Truth about breast cancer

Women must aware of breast cancer. Breast cancer affects million of women around the world every year. Here is explained some truths about the breast cancer that must be known to every women so she can protect herself from it. Many preventive steps can also be taken to keep this disease at bay.

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High risk of developing breast cancer : Anyone with an immediate family member who was diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of menopause or relatives suffering from breast cancer are at high risk. They should start getting mammogram at the age of 30 years. Its depending on case to case.

Diet & exercise affects chances breast cancer : A nutrient-rich diet & exercise can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, its chances of reoccurrence in higher-risk women by a small degree. Some studies have shown association between alcohol consumption of one drink or more a day & an increase breast cancer risk in all women, not just those already at high risk.

Blood test to identify breast cancer gene : Unless you have family history of breast cancer you should not go for blood test that identifies breast cancer gene. This test is usually reserved for the close relatives of family members diagnosed with premenopausal breast cancer or with breast cancer combined with ovarian cancer. Knowing that you carry the breast cancer gene, called BRCA1 and BRCA2, can help you and your doctor plan a course of action like more frequent imaging scans, preventive drugs or in rare circumstances, surgical removal of the breasts.

Cyst doesn’t develop cancerous : Many women develop breast cysts. The majority are fluid-filled sacs dubbed simple cysts. One the doctor confirms it with an ultrasound then you can leave it alone unless it becomes painless. It can be drained out in routine procedure.


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