Two cups of coffee can keep Alzheimer’s at bay

A large part of the population has little understanding of the brain diseases that could end their lives. But new research suggests that drinking two strong cups of coffee a day could keep Alzheimer disease at bay & may even reverse some of its symptoms. Caffeine not only helps to save off dementia but can also treat it.

These findings although come from animal research but researchers said that they had done the most promising experiments of their kind ever done. “The new findings provide evidence that caffeine could be a viable treatment for established Alzheimer's disease & not simply a protective strategy. That's important because caffeine is a safe drug for most people. It easily enters the brain & it appears to directly affect the disease process,” said Dr Gary Arendash.

Alzheimer’s disease is linked to sticky clumps of an abnormal protein called beta amyloid plaques which form in the brain. It destroys the nerve cells. They studied 55 mice genetically engineered to develop symptoms of the disease as they got older. By the time the mice were 18 to 19 months old that is considered the equivalent of 70 yrs in human being, they were showing memory problem & confusion associated with Alzheimer’s.

The researchers gave half the mice drinking water laced with caffeine, while the rest continued to drink ordinary water. After two months, the mice drinking caffeine did far better on tests of memory & thinking skills than the animals given ordinary water. Their memories were twice as sharp as those of healthy older mice without dementia. The mice given caffeine had lower levels of beta amyloid in their blood and brain.

Around half the abnormal protein vanished after two weeks when the creatures drank caffeine. The researchers now plan to test the effects of caffeine on humans with dementia. These are some of the most promising Alzheimer's mouse experiments ever done that will help researchers to understand the depth of the disease. In near it is positively proved to prevent & cure the Alzheimer’s.



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