Use Rhythm method to avoid pregnancy

To avoid pregnancy naturally the Rhythm method is considered to be the best. It is also called fertility awareness or the ovulation method. Most women release an egg from an ovary about fourteenth day before the start of their menstrual cycle. The egg which is not fertilized can survive for 24 hours. But the sperms can survive for two to seven days after the intercourse.

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The fertilization can occur from intercourse that took place up to seven days before release of the egg & also after three days. The rhythm method uses three variations which are observed o prevent fro the pregnancy. Here are explained the three variation which are to be noted for the calculation.

1. The temperature method : In this method woman determines her body temperature at rest. She takes her temperature before she gets up each morning. It is said that this temperature drops slightly about 0.2 degree just before the ovulation. The drop in temperature, a distinct rise about 0.6 to 0.8 degree signals the beginning of ovulation. The couple should avoid intercourse from the time the woman’s temperature drops. Other factors like illness can alter woman’s body temperature.

2. The mucus method : In this method a woman observes the changes in consistency of her cervical mucus. Its consistency changes from dry immediately after menstruation to very slippery or watery shortly after an egg is released. The woman can have intercourse with a low risk of conception immediately after her menstrual period ends. She can also have intercourse up to the time she observes an increased amount of cervical mucus.

3. The calendar-rhythm method : In this method , a woman to carefully keep track of her menstrual cycles over a year’s time. She then subtracts 18 days from the shortest & 11 days from the longest of the previous 12 menstrual cycles. For example, if a woman’s cycles last from 26 to 29 days, she must avoid intercourse from day 8 through day 18 of each cycle. This is the least reliable of the three rhythm methods.

So through above said methods, the couples can naturally avoid the pregnancy. But the chances are still there to get pregnant depend upon case to case. If these methods are strictly followed then pregnancy can be avoided to some extent.


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