Vegetarian diet can cut risk of Cancer

New researches claimed that eating a vegetarian diet can almost halve the risk of developing the cancer among the people. In a study of more than 61,000 people aged between 20 to 89 years old, it was found that those who didn’t eat meat reduced overall incidence of cancer by 12 %. But the most striking difference was in cancers of the blood, including leukaemia & non-Hodgkin lymphoma with 45 % fewer cases among the vegetarians.

Although it is widely recommended we eat five portions of fruit & vegetables a day to reduce their risk of cancer & other diseases, there is little evidence looking specifically at a vegetarian diet. What we eat affects our chances of developing cancer. We know that eating a lot of red & processed meat increases the risk of stomach cancer. But the links between diet & cancer risk are complex. More research is needed to see how big a part diet plays & which specific dietary factors are most important.

Te findings were not yet strong enough to advise the public to make dramatic changes to the way they eat as long as they are following an 'average balanced diet'. Professor Tim Key said, “Our study looking at cancer risk in vegetarians found the likelihood of people developing some cancers is lower among vegetarians than among people who eat meat.”

In terms of what explains this we have to look at what other research is going on. For stomach cancer there is already quite a lot of evidence that high intake of food such as processed meat may increase risk.

He further said that vegetarians who are not eating meat would not have that risk factor. It could be something about being a vegetarian that is protective, or alternatively it could be something about meat actually increasing the risk. This latest research adds to a growing body of evidence that vegetarians are less likely to get cancer.


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