Ways to improve your fertility!

Fertility is a big issue for both men & women. About one couple in seven has problem of conceiving. But without knowing the exact reasons they can’t improve the chances of conceiving. Here are explained some useful ways to boost your fertility that might help the couples in the process of conceiving.

1. Sex at right time : Women are most fertile at day 10-16, with day one being the first day of their period. Sperm stay alive in the female reproductive tract for up to three days. So having intercourse at least every other day during this fertile time will be enough to conceive.

2. When to get help : Women's fertility drops rapidly after the age of 35. If you are in your early 30’s & have been trying for a baby for a year without success,
talk to your GP. If you are over 35, go after six months.

3. Careful about diet : Both men & women should avoid being underweight or overweight, as weight problems can affect the hormones that control fertility. Zinc-rich foods such as red meat and wholegrain cereal may improve sperm quality.

4. Avoid smoking : Smoking harms the fertility of men & women. The damage is reversible in men, as they produce new sperm every 70 days. In the same way smoking reduces a woman's chances of conceiving by 40 %.

5. Happy lovemaking : Although there is only a six-day window of peak fertility in a woman's monthly cycle, it's important to have sex at other times. . Fertility problems strain relationships, so it's important to think of sex as fun, not simply a biological baby-making act.

6. Affect of alcohol : It may loosen your sexual inhibitions, but alcohol isn't always good news for fertility. One study suggests that five drinks a week can affect women's fertility. Although you don't need to abstain from the sauce, it's a good idea to moderate your intake.

7. Not moving foe some time : Forget the myths about raising your bottom after intercourse, or not moving for 30 minutes. Sperm are chemically attracted to cervical mucus; within seconds of ejaculation they are safely on their journey. Anything that escapes doesn't contain any viable sperm. Unfortunately, there are no positions that guarantee conception.

8. Heat can kill sperms : Sitting at a desk all day can be bad news for sperm. Heat causes sperm damage, and testes should be one or two degrees cooler than the rest of the body. Taking a five to ten-minute walk every hour to cool off your crown jewels.

9. STD can harm sperms : Sexually transmitted disease (STD), such as Chlamydia, can harm fertility. If you think there is a possibility that you may have caught something, it's well worth a visit to your GP or sexual health clinic.

10. Counteract the stress : Intense stress such as that caused by bereavement, divorce or redundancy, may disrupt ovulation for three or four months. However, every- day stress, such as that caused by your job, will not affect ovulation. The only way it affects fertility is by making people grumpy & less likely to have sex. Counteract this drop in libido by planning a romantic meal, or a cozy weekend break.

By adopting the above said easy but effective ways couples can gain benefit & successfully conceive a baby.


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