What are the reasons of premature birth?

You must have probably heard about premature labor & this term usually makes a pregnant women tensed & worried. Many women these days face from premature labor & are still unclear about the reason behind it. Here are explained the reasons of premature birth which must throw light on the various causes of premature labor. Knowing the causes of premature birth is an essential step towards preventing this condition.

Causes of premature birth : The major reason of premature birth is stress. Stress of any kind, be it emotional stress, tension & even exhaustion, can lead to premature labor. This is because stress leads to release of hormones in a woman’s body which in turn lead to contractions & premature labor.

Physical stress can also be contributed via unhealthy diet & some medical conditions like anemia & diabetes. It has also been found that stress in the infant due to poor blood supply from placenta or birth defect can lead to premature labor. In addition to maternal or fetal stress, other factors like infections & bleeding can lead to premature labor.

There are also certain medical conditions that increase the risk of premature birth. Woman who carries certain infections, like those of uterine or cervix, then she can suffer from preterm labor. It is thus important to get such infections treated on time. Other problems like diabetes and high blood pressure also increase your chances for premature delivery.

Drinking & smoking during pregnancy raise the risk of having a premature delivery. There are also other factors which put a woman under risk for premature labor. These factors include multiple pregnancies, previous cases of miscarriage or abortion, previous surgery on the cervix & also a previous premature delivery. Being aware of the causes of premature labor, it is necessary to be prepared for it & also to avert it on time.

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