What is stammering & causes of it?

In your day to day life you met with so many people. You must have come across the people who stammer. It is known as a speech disorder in which the person who is affected from it is unable to speak properly & often repeats the sentences or words to express his feeling or what he wants to convey. The person who stammers generally misses certain syllables.

Causes of stammering : Scientists are in the process of finding out the exact causes of stammering. But there is no one particular fixed cause that can be linked with the problem of stammering. Here are explained the various factors that can be responsible for a person suffering from the problem of stammering.

Can be inherited problem : Some times it is found that stammering can be inherited. Generally children suffer from the problem of stammering in their early years of age. It can be seen as development stuttering, particularly associated with the stage when a child is developing his language & speech skills. Children outgrow this problem but there are also people who stammer in adulthood too.

Can be some neurological problem : Many people who suffer from some language & speech disorder can also develop the stammering problem. It can also be caused by some neurological disorders like a stroke or a brain injury can also lead to the problem of stammering. Some other neurological problems can also trigger the problem of stammering.

Temporary stammering : This type of stammering occurred when a person is tensed, nervous & stressed. It is also noticed that many people stammer in front of the audience, due to have a stage fright. Temporary stammering is triggered by psychological factors of fear & anxiety. The emotional disturbance can also lead to this problem. People who lack of self esteem & lack of self confidence can also suffer from stammering problem.

By seen the above said factors it can be concluded that there is no fixed reason of stammering problem. The cause of this problem varies from person to person & the conditions in which he lives or behaves. However, if you see that your child is stammering for a long time & is unable to easily pick up language and speech skills, then you must a consult a doctor.


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