What is technique of Yoga Nidra?

The technique of Yoga Nidra is divided into five stages. You gradually proceed from stage one to last stage of Yoga Nidra through easy steps. The five stages if Yoga Nidra are explained in detail that can help you to reap the complete benefits of Yoga Nidra.

1st stage is resting in Shavasana : Lie on the back .relax the body completely. Close the eyes gently. Normalize the breath. Thereafter breathe little deeply six or seven times. This completes the first stage of Yoga Nidra.

2nd stage is mental observation : Start observing the body with mind’s eye, just as a standing person observes another person lying down on the floor. Now directs the mind’s gaze at the one toe of the right foot. Thereafter look at the second finger, the third, the fourth & the fifth finger of the same foot. Then look at the sole of the foot. The upper part, the calf of the leg, the thigh & the buttock. Similarly, turn the mind’s eye on the left foot & start looking from the left toe of the buttock limb after limb exactly in the same manner.

Now look at the naval the centre of Smana Parana. Look at the internal parts of the abdomen, the right lung, the left lung, the palpitating heart, the right side of the waist, the left side & look at the spine from lower to upper end. Look at the right thumb, the second, the third, the fourth & the fifth finger, the upper part of palm, the wrist, the front arm, elbow, the upper part of arm, the shoulder. Similarly look at the left arm from the left thumb of the shoulder likewise.

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Now look at the throat , chin, teeth, tongue the hole of the right nostril & that of the left nostril, right ear, left ear, right eye, left eye, right brows, left brows, the space between the eye brows & crown of the head. Likewise while internally each & every part of the body from top to toe & continue relaxing each limb at the same time concentrating on each relaxed part of the body.

3rd stage is meditation on five elements : feel the heaviness in the bones, flesh ,veins & skin. This is an element of earth in the body. There is no difference between the clay bones & flesh within the body & the clay of the outer earth. Meditate on this for sometimes & feel the smell of Earth.

Meditate on the blood flowing through the internal veins & arteries. This is the elements of Water in our body. It flows through each & every cell from the toe to the crown of the head. Basically there is no difference between this water & water outside. Meditate on this element in the form of cool flowing fluid 7 in the taste of the tongue.

Now meditate on that warmth which pervades all our nerves & nadis. This is the element of Fire in our body. It is felt in our body just by a touch of hand. Fire within & fire outside are the same. Its quality is beauty. See with mind’s eye thighs beauty. Now reflect on in-coming & out-going breath that flows continuously in this body in form of Prana. This is known as element of Vayu or air.

There is basically no difference between the air within & the air outside. Now meditate on this all-pervasiveness of this element. Finally, fix the minds’ eye on the element of Akash(Ether). An empty space is Akash. All the empty space of our body are filled with the element of Akash. There is hardly any organ of the body without the Akash element. Observe it mentally. There is basically no difference between the inner Akash & outer Akash. Its basic nature is Sound. Meditate on its all-pervasiveness & try to hear its mystic sound.

4th stage is the Supper element : Now there is element which includes all the five elements & form which all the five elements emanates: while all the other five elements are ephemeral in nature, it is ever permanent. This element is called Chetan (conscience) Prakash, Gyan is complete in itself. All our activities both within the body & out side world are illumined by His Light. He lives in all & all live by Him. This is our real Swarup i.e. Our real essence. Try to stay in this very state of Divinity for some time. The longer duration of meditation in this super-consciousness state, the more beneficial will it be.

5th stage meditation on breath process : Concentrate the mind on the breath. Make the breath more deep. While inhaling draw the breath from the foot to the crown of the head, while exhaling do it vice-verse. Look at &meditate on the upward & downward movement of this breathing process & repeat the process 6 or 7 times. It may be noted even though the breath may be deep but there may not be stiffness at any point. Now chant OM mantra slowly & melodiously three times. Open the eyes slowly & while fonding the face & body with the hand, be seated on the asana.


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