Why aerobics good for you?

Aerobics offer many physical benefits especially for the heart. It quicken breathing & gets your heart pumping, this makes your heart stronger. It delivers oxygen to all parts of your body most efficiently. Aerobics increases the stroke volume. As the time passes by, the heart gains strength & it pumps a greater volume of blood with each beat. The heart is a muscle like others & more you exercise, the stronger it becomes.

Your body is amazing when you start to jog, cycle or do aerobics you find yourself huffing & puffing soon enough. And now as the time goes by, with consistent exercise, you simply look back &wonder how come you were so out of shape. Your heart doesn’t beat now as often as it did while exercising.

Now only your heat, the muscles of your entire body are indeed getting healthier & stronger. They are making better use of the oxygen that is delivered to them. A particular muscle is able to absorb the 100 oxygen molecules circling it that your heart has sent. Regular aerobics increase the Mitochondria. Mitochondria’s are the fellows that work your muscles. They use up the oxygen to burn fat & carbohydrates.

The more you exercise; your muscles tend to develop more Mitochondria. Team supports such as swimming, basket ball, hockey, soccer or rowing can give you a great work out. But don’t worry if you are not much of an athlete. Biking running, swimming, Dancing, Hiking, skiing or walking quickly are other ways of enjoying the benefits of an aerobic exercise.

The stronger your muscles get, they protect you more by supporting your joints when you exercise and they also help to avoid injury. More than the fat it is the muscles that help to burn more energy when a person is at rest. So by seeing above benefits we can safely say that aerobics are good for our cardiovascular health. Moreover they provide equal benefit to various parts of our body by supplying oxygenated blood to each & every part of the body.


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