Why super foods don’t live up to marketing hype?

Due to health claims made by food products, often convince us to buy them. But in reality the health claims made by supermarket items are not really up to the mark. In an investigation it is found that the apparent health care benefits of more than 50 food products & supplements, includes Ocean Spray cranberry juice & Lipton black tea, were scientifically unproven.

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The team of investigators also rejected many of the claims made for fish oil supplements, which promise to improve brain growth in babies and children. Consumers are being fooled into believing the products will improve their diet & could be wasting a huge amount of money on them. The manufacturers must substantiate any health benefits their products are said to provide.

The team of investigator has examined the science put forward by the companies to support their products & in many cases found it did not support the claims they were making. Like Ocean Spray suggested that its cranberry juice could protect women against urinary infections or drinking Lipton black tea makes people more alert.

As a result of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) study some companies, including Nestle & Unilever, have removed their products from its verification process. There have been claims that they are waiting for a chance to lobby for the rules to be relaxed before submitting amended applications. Danone, one of the biggest manufacturers of pro biotic yogurts and drinks, is one of the companies to withdraw from the EFSA tests.

The impact of the EFSA rejecting a health claim could be huge. Much more is spent on foods that claim to offer health benefits, such as breakfast cereals. Manufacturers fear consumers could stop buying their products after a rejection by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It is considered that consumers have been bamboozled by unsubstantiated claims about the health benefits of foods for too long.


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