Yoga Nidra cures all your ailments!

Yoga Nidra : Sleep contains two elements, rest & unconsciousness. But in Yoga Nidra one has full consciousness & enjoys complete rest. Yoga Nidra plays an important role in removing tension. It gives happiness & freedom from tension. It revives freshness, vivacity & energy in a person which can’t be possibly attained in the ordinary sleep. In Yoga Nidra mind is restored to unique peace & joy. The body becomes as light as a flower & completely relaxed.

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A lay man can’t attain this state of tranquility. The reason is obvious . the very moment of sleep dawns, dream state starts. Even after six or eight hours of sleep one feels broken & fatigued. In the dream state the entire nervous system as well as fluctuations of mind continue to be activated. Even though the body lies on the bed in a static condition, the mind is neither stable nor peaceful.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra : The greatest benefit of Yoga Nidra is that it restores both our body & mind to complete peace & restfulness. Real rest is enjoyed when our mind is restored to a peaceful state. For example, our mind is a bundle of thoughts, whenever we are confronted by a crisis or an incident of extreme joy or sorrow, we can’t get a wink of sleep. Hence our mind when at rest is actually the source of sleep & rest & not the body. It is therefore, essential that Yoga Nidra should me made an important part of our daily life.

Yoga Nidra augments knowledge : While Yoga Nidra augments our knowledge, ordinary sleep makes us dull & stupid. The deformities caused in our body in the wakeful state, get healed up in lesser time than those of in sleeping state. It can be well proved by the fact that the practitioner who usually refrain from the usual quota of idle sleep & who utilize their time more in the practice of Yoga Nidra., free more relaxed, energetic, lively & vivified.

Cures many diseases : Yoga Nidra has proved to be most effective in curing tension, heart disease, high blood pressure & other mental diseases. It coordinates all systems in the body. As a result their normal function is sufficiently improved. Fatigue of the body is removed. Visualizing the body internally, the mind is drawn inward. Finally Yoga Nidra is also helpful in purification of Chit (mind) to some extent.


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