4 Ideal postures for Breast-Feeding

Breast feeding is most essential for the health of the baby & it provides the strength which helps to fight against various diseases through out baby’s life. To get the maximum benefits of breast feeding for the baby, the mother should find a position that is comfortable for the baby as well as for her. Other wise the baby won’t suck properly & it affects the health of the baby & it may also create engorgement, sore nipple & infection in the breast of the mother. Here are explained some recommended breast-feeding positions which are comfortable for both mother & the baby.

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1. Cradle Position : In this position mother has to sit down in an erect position & use pillow to support her back. Now she places her baby in her lap with the baby’s head resting on the bend of her arm & nearer to the breast for feeding. She uses pillow to support the baby’s weight & this helps the baby closer towards the breast. Now the baby’s chest is against the barest of the mother so she can feed the baby by holding the breast with the other hand.

2. Side Lying Position :In this position mother lie down on her side & lie her baby on its side so that both are parallel & are in face to face position to each other. Baby’s head is facing her breast & hold her breast with the hand opposite to the breast & position it for the baby. When feeding in this position mother should take that baby’s nose should not be closed. She can use pillow to support her back & support her head with the elbow. This posisition is ideal for women who had caesarean.

3. Cross cradle Position : In this position mother holds her baby with the hand opposite to the breast to which she is going to feed her baby. Instead of supporting the baby’s head in the bend of the arm here she holds the head & neck of the baby with her hand & this gives more control while feeding. She can hold the breast using the hand on the same side of the breast. She can use pillow for supporting the baby’s weight.

4. Football Hold Position : This position is similar to tying her baby under her arms with the baby’s feet extending across her body. She can support the baby’s head & shoulders with her hand on the same side of the feeding breast. This position is ideal if mother have to feed two babies at a time.


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