Asanas prescribed for Shank Prakshalan

There are mainly five asana that are prescribed for doing Shank Prakshalan here are is explained the detail of five poses that are done before doing Shank Prakshalan.

1. Tadasana : Bring the feet together & stand erect. Interlock the fingers of both hands into each other & raise them vertically over the head & then stretch towards the sky. Now raise arms & heels simultaneously & stand on tip-toe. Exhaling return to starting position. Repeat this asan four times, unlock the fingers & normalize the breath.

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2. Triyak Tadasan : Bring the feet together & stand erect. Form a finger lock. Upturn the palms with the finger lock& pull up straight, the arms touching the ears. Now bend the inter-locked hands four times towards the left & four times towards the right for getting better results, while bending make an angle of 90 degree.

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3. Triyal Bhujangasan : Lie flat on the abdomen & chest with face downwards at full length on the asan. Keep the elbows straight. Raise the trunk & head & look up. Turn the neck towards the right heel & try to feel the pressure on the colon. Repeat this asan four times each side towards the left & the right.

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4. Katichakrasan : Keep a distance of one feet between the feet & stand erect. Keep both the feet straight parallel to each other. Turn round the hands & the trunk only & not the feet. Repeat the same from the other side also. This should be repeated four times each from the left & the right side.

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5. Udarakarshanasan :Be seated on the feet. Place the hands on the knees. Touching the right knee with the left toe, press the left knee towards the stomach. Turn round the neck & trunk left wise as much as possible. In the same manner touching the left knee with the right toe, press the right knee towards the stomach. Turn round the neck & trunk right wise with full force. Repeat this asan four times each side.

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Things to remember : These asans can also be done along with inhaling & exhaling the breath. Constipation can be cured by other asans also such as Bhujangasan, Sarpasan, Paduttanasan, Pawanmukhtasan & Makrasan.


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