Chocó holism personified

Chocolate widely known from the Mesoamerican period has a plethora of goodness to offer, rightly coined the foods of the Gods.Cocoa addicts can indulge in a host of chocolate therapy options where one can pamper the body to feel like a princess without the guilt factor associated with consuming those forbidden calories.

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Those yearning for baby supple skin, a mixture of one-third cup of cocoa powder, about three tablespoons of thick fresh cream, two teaspoonfuls of cottage cheese, one-fourth cup of honey, tablespoon of powdered orange peel, tablespoon almond oil and three teaspoons of Oatmeal are to be blended well and applied over face to be left for about 15-20minutes and washed off with tepid water. Chocolate in addition to its anti-ageing, moisturising properties also has a lightening effect on the skin, aiding it to get rid of tan.

The ideal way to invigorate one’s senses and body is cosseting in a foaming, whipped cocoa and champagne bath. Another option for a bubbly extravagance is the delightful combo of a cupful of non-perfumed bubble bath, one-third cup of plain soy milk or half cup of milk powder and three ounces of finely crushed dark or non-sweet chocolate. The soy or powder milk needs to be firstly mixed properly with the chocolate with slight heating if needed. On coming to room temperature, one could whisk it into the bubble bath and pour the needed quantity into one’s bath and soak in its splendour.

Paradoxically, chocolate when applied externally even assists in shedding those stubborn pounds. Cocoa extracts are known to have an exceptional biochemical composition that fuels the fat burning process and helps restore the skin’s freshness.

A good option is inculcating the daily use of a homemade chocolate based soap to reap its benefits. This would require liquefying twelve ounces of shredded soap in five ounces of water, followed by blending in about one-fourth cup of cocoa powder and a few drops of essential chocolate oil. This can be emptied into casts of desired shapes and sizes.

After a luxuriant bath one could have a good scrub down with a viscous paste comprising of a cupful of brown sugar, few drops of vanilla extract, two to three tablespoons of cocoa powder and olive oil. So, go overboard and cuckoo over cocoa.

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