Cool benefits of onion in your daily diet

Onion is well known for its medicinal properties. People have been using it from thousands of years. It is undeniable fact that cooking would not be same without onion. Medical experts & scientist have proved via various researches that onion helps to keep the blood cholesterol down & also controls the blood pressure. Onion has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties. Here are explained some healthy benefits of consuming onion on regular basis.

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Onion helps to protect against cardiovascular diseases by diminishing the risk of blood clots. It eliminates the infections & improves the functioning of lungs. It protects you from various types of cancers. New invention claimed that onion has a role in inhibiting bone loss in menopausal women. It eliminates the risk of osteoporosis in women. Onions also contain very high levels of chromium, which helps to control the post menopausal syndromes (PMS) & maintain a positive hormonal balance.

Onion also acts as highly effective antioxidant. It is a rich source of Vitamin C. green onion is a source of Vitamin A, which important for vision & growth of bones. Onion is also belong to the class of ingredients known as prebiotics that are when consumed, simulate the growth & function of good bacteria in the body. Medical experts, chefs & ordinary consumers alike recommend onion & use it on a regular basis.

Onion helps to detoxify your blood, it also keep your digestive system in well order & eliminated the harmful bacteria from your stomach. Onion can be consumed raw in salad or it can be cooked in soups, sauces & stews. It has different flavor when eaten raw or eaten in cooked form. The juice of onion is very useful to cure diarrhea. Its juice can be used to cure the severe pain of ear. Its juice is also useful curing many eye diseases.

By seen the above said benefits of consuming the onion it can be safely said that it is a inseparable part of our diet. A healthy person should daily consume onion in his diet & regular use of it can prevent you from many diseases.


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