Core muscle trainer for complete workout

This time Panasonic decided to try something new by producing exercise equipment. Panasonic is rather known for its electronic devices, whose quality sets standards in the industry. The Core Muscle Trainer II comes with a LCD display, improved ergonomic seat design & effective exercising programs.

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The core muscle trainer definitely adds a whole new dimension to your workout, by integrating up, down, forward and backward movements with side-to-side & twisting, to create a unique figure-eight motion. The proven results show greater core muscle-building benefits, and an effective, low-impact, strength-training workout in just 15 minutes a day. It's like horseback riding, just without a horse.

Through its LCD display, user will be able to keep track of their workouts. Showing calories burnt and the muscles activated during a workout session, in addition to the exercise program time remaining.

The Core Muscle Trainer II offers 7 pre-programs plus a Manual mode, which include twisting movements, increasing activity in abs muscles, up & down movements, increasing activity in abs & thighs, forward & backward movements, increased on abs & lower back muscles, sliding & rolling movements, increased on abs, obloquies & thighs. It is very easy to use & to control, even by beginners.

The Core Muscle Trainer II also sports a compact size & a stylish design, so that you can place it anywhere in your home. It's especially effective for those with exercise limitations such as difficulty tolerating pressure or stress on joints, requirement to maintain heart rate below a target level, or with limited aerobic capacity.



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