Drinking more fizzy drink could cause fatty liver

New study found that drinking just two glasses of fruit juice or fizzy drink each day may cause long-term liver damage resulting in the need for a transplant. Drinks with high sugar content can cause a condition called fatty liver disease, making them even more dangerous than alcohol abuse. People who drank a liter of high-sugar fizzy drinks or fresh fruit juice each day were five times more likely to develop fatty liver disease.

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Researchers in a trail found that even a couple of cans of beverages such as Coca Cola raised the risk of liver damage, as well as diabetes & heart damage. 80 % of people those who had consumed high-sugar fizzy drinks & fruit juices had fatty liver changes, while only 17 % of the control group who had not been drinking sugary beverages developed fatty livers.

Dr Nimer Assy said, “The ingredient in fizzy drinks & juices that causes the damage is a fruit sugar called fructose, which is highly absorbable in the liver. It does not affect insulin production & goes straight to the liver where it is converted to fat. Fructose increases the chances of suffering from a fatty liver, which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver & liver cancer.”

To reap the maximum benefit from fruit, and to avoid the risk of liver damage, eating the fruit whole. Whole oranges have fibre that prevents fructose from being absorbed into the liver. Dr Assy said that even diet drinks containing artificial sweeteners were not without risk.

While diet drinks do not contain fructose, they do have aspartame & caramel colorants both these can increase insulin resistance & may induce fatty liver. This research highlights that people should watch their sugar intake as well as their alcohol intake in their drinks to avoid liver damage & reduce the risk of liver cancer.

A healthy diet, including fresh fruit & regular exercise, will help reduce your risk of developing fatty liver disease.


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