Gadget for breast self-exam reminder

The breast self-exams are not an excuse to skip the doctor’s visit. This can do by women between visits to take charge of their own healthcare. Cue makes it easy to remember to perform regular breast self-exams and to schedule regular doctor's appointments. Cue is an electronic waterproof device that mainly functions as a breast self-exam reminder.

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This gadget is a great for women in menopause, because it gives a reminder to perform a breast self-exam seven days after their period begun, when the breasts are least tender. This breast detection device is compact & has a large suction cup base. It asks a few simple questions in order to determine when breast self-exam reminders should be given.

The main aim of this device is to fight against breast cancer, its many other features give it plenty of other uses as well. It has function like breast self-exam reminder, a shower timer, a clock, a doctor's visit reminder & more. Cue includes a waterproof breast self-exam instruction card that hangs from the timer, and instruction manual.

Cue has the option to set reminders on the same day each month, it tracks doctor's appointments for up to 3 years. It has a built-in clock with time & date with four operational buttons. Alerts can be personalized to display the user's name, as Cue works for up to four users with personalized alerts. Cue device comes with a stopwatch, which helps you conserve water use.

It works on alkaline batteries. Cue's specification also adds you to improve your showering experience if you think about it. If you need to be out of the shower in ten minutes, you can set the minute timer and you'll stay on schedule. When the set time has elapsed Cue will alert you with both an audible alarm & with a flashing screen.



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