Grow your own teeth in Lab!

Scientists have developed the teeth from stem cells that could make dentures a thing of past. These teeth looked like normal teeth. They were sensitive to pain & chewed food easily. This invention has paved the way for the people to grow their own teeth as they require. The new invention could also be adapted to grow other organs like lungs, kidney & heart inside the body to replace the parts worn by age or damaged by disease.

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The researchers from the Tokyo University of Science identified two types of stem cell, which together contain all the instructions for a fully grown tooth. The cells were grown in the laboratory for five days until they formed a tiny tooth bud. This was then transplanted deep into the jawbone of a mouse that had had a tooth removed. Five weeks later, the tip of the tooth broke through the gum. After seven weeks, it was fully-grown.

The researchers, who repeated the experiment many times, also showed that the new, bio engineered teeth were fully-functional. Importantly, the rodent recipients had no trouble eating. The cells used were take from mouse embryos, but the researchers believe it should be possible to make teeth from other types of cell as well. They are now looking for suitable cells in people. Possibilities include skin cells and cells from the pulp inside teeth.

The pioneering technology could one day allow those with teeth missing to fill the gaps in their smile without having to resort to false teeth, bridges or synthetic implants. Experts believe that using living teeth rather than artificial ones would be better for oral health & may also provide a more natural bite.

Professor Takashi Tsuji said, “The ultimate goal of regenerative therapy is to develop fully-functioning bio engineered organs that can replace lost or damaged organs following disease, injury or ageing. Our study makes a substantial contribution to the development of bio- engineering technology for future organ replacement therapy.”


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