Causes of Hirsutism in women

Hirsutism means having excessive hair growth in areas that are not usually hairy. The major cause of this problem is hormonal imbalance in the body. Women biologically have less hair than men. There are some women who suffer from excessive & unnatural hair growth. The hair growth is especially in their body regions like hands, legs, underarms, stomach, chest & face.

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Androgen cause excessive hair : Excessive male hormone or androgen in female body leads to excessive hair growth in woman’s body. Such hair is also thicker and heavier than normal. Excessive male hormone in turn can be a result of some underlying problem like polycystic ovarian disease. Androgen increase in the body can also be a result of some underlying serious medical problem like ovarian tumor.

Endocrine & thyroid dysfunction : Excessive hair growth in a woman’s body can also be caused by endocrine disturbances & also due to thyroid dysfunction. Intake of birth control pills & certain medications can also lead to excessive hair growth in women. Hypothyroidism can also cause the excessive hair growth among women.

Different problem cause hormonal imbalance : Problems related to menstrual cycles are also a reason for excessive hair growth in women. Additionally, different stages of a woman’s life like puberty, pregnancy & menopause can also lead to this problem. All these problems cause hormonal imbalance in the body that further become the cause of excessive hair growth in women.

Along with above said causes it is also found that excessive hair growth on the woman’s body can also be a result of genital factors. It has also been found that excessive stress, tension & anxiety are also responsible for the growth of unwanted hair on woman’s body.


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