How Deep tissue massage gives a feeling of being lighter?

Deep tissue massage : The aim of deep tissue massage is to reach the connective tissues of the body. These are located much deeper than the muscles that hold the bones together. By deep tissue massage the therapist tries to reach deep into the body. The main aim of this massage is to loosen the muscles & fascia & to release the deep rooted tension & stress. This massage provides physical as well as mental well being to the person.

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Technique of deep tissue massage : The therapist uses knuckles, elbows & feet. They put a lot of weight & pressure on these. Some use technique of Myofascial Release or Rolfing & some kind of Swedish massage. The basic idea is to reach into deepest tissues of musculature & to release the stress that is formed there.

All deep tissue massages use slow, deep strokes, with pressure applied on them. The person may sometimes feel uncomfortable by the force of the massage. But it is necessary to reach into connective tissues while massaging. The therapist some times can use the complete body weight to reach into tissues.

Benefits of deep tissue massage : Every person can reap the benefits of this massage. In your daily life due to unhealthy & hectic lifestyle every person carries a deep rooted stress in his body. The primary aim of deep tissue massage is to loosen & relax the musculature & to release these stresses. So many people feel deeper & intense experiences as they feel deep seated fears being released from the body.

In this kind of massage, there is a sharing of energy between the giver and receiver, and the therapist must feel the client’s body and mind through the massage. It improves the alignment of body & muscles. When a person is well balanced, the ill-effects of gravity on the body cannot be felt. People after massage report instant improvement in mood & feeling of being lighter. So this massage keeps you physically as well as mentally fit.


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