How Marijuana adversely affects your reproductive health?

Marijuana is used by more than 50% population in United States. Scientists had warned that the active ingredients found in marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol accumulated in fatty tissues with the chronic use. The regular use of marijuana adversely affects the reproductive health of male & female both.

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In male it adversely affects sperm mobility & leads to development of abnormal sperm & in female it can inhibit embryo development that results in fetal loss. Here are explained in the detail how marijuana adversely affects your reproductive health & other health related problems which are not curable through medication.

Quality & quantity of sperms decreased : Marijuana adversely affects the production of sperms. The quality & quantity of sperms decreased dramatically & the function of testicles is altered. Decreased testicular size, lower testosterone levels, and decreased libido can also occur. While smoking marijuana cannabinoid receptors bind themselves to the sperm, which inhibits proper mobility & fertilization of an egg.

Altered implantation of an embryo : The implantation of an embryo in the womb can be altered as a result of marijuana use. This can inhibit the development of embryo. The pregnancy may not occur at all or woman may lose the fetus. The uterus needs to provide an environment for the fetus to safely develop. If the environment is disrupted, then the possibility of implantation cannot take place.

Adversely affects women fertility : Women who regularly smoke marijuana they end up with a trace amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their vaginal canal. THC is also present within the reproductive system, when male sperms try to enter the vaginal canal, rather than being able to swim to fertilize an egg, they instead become over stimulated by the THC. As a result sperms can’t fertilize an egg.

Testicular cancer in men : Men who are chronic smokers of marijuana are at an increased risk of developing testicular cancer. The risk is higher in men who smoke for more than ten years, and use the drug more than once a week. The type of cancer is linked to nonseminoma testicular cancer, which can be a difficult cancer to treat, and is a more aggressive form of testicular cancer. Nonseminoma cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the cells that produce sperm.

Other associated affects : In addition to risks associated with the reproductive system, marijuana use poses a risk to brain function. Marijuana use can impair coordination or cause memory loss. It also can increase depression and anxiety, as well as increased heart rate after smoking. It also causes respiratory issues, as well as a decrease in cognitive ability, and impaired judgment.


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