How quickly women’s fertility decline with age?

Women should take fertility MOT before the age of 30 to avoid any odd of becoming a mother. Fertility MOT is a service designed to provide full range of fertility tests which can highlight any potential problem or barriers to conceiving. Fertility MOT can provide you with the reassurance that, when the time is right to start a family & when you will potentially be able to conceive. Many women are unaware how quickly their fertility declines with age.

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A simple test shows how quickly the biological clock is ticking, would help them to plan their family before it is too late. Some women think it won’t happen to them because they got to gym twice a week & they don’t drink & smoke. They think they are fit & young. Well it is, except for their ovaries. Women are increasingly delaying motherhood.

Few women are aware that fertility halves by the age of 35 & declines even more steeply after that. As many as one in six couples suffer infertility & have fertility treatment each year. They typically use hormone levels to gauge a woman's 'ovarian reserve' - the number of healthy eggs she has left.

Professor Bill Ledger said, “Women do not realize the importance of age when it comes to fertility, providing couples with data on their chances of conceiving could save them future heartbreak.” He further said that often the person who waited until 39 to try is a successful career woman, who passed her school exams, went to university, got a good job & climbed up the career ladder & suddenly she can't have something that everyone else can.

But the question is how well ‘ovarian reserve’ will work & fear a good result could lull women into false sense of security. The school children should be taught about fertility during sex education classes. Dr Hamilton said that there is a patchy understanding about fertility among the general public, even among those who are well-read & highly educated.



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