How Soy alleviate menopause symptoms?

Soy is considered to be very effective in alleviating most of the symptoms of menopause due to its high concentration of phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens are compounds derived from plants that contain estrogenic activity, thus having great effects on addressing menopausal symptoms. Here are explained the reasons why it is best for alleviating symptoms of menopause.

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Natural remedy for decreasing menopause : Scientists discovered that the soy chemicals called isoflavones could prevent bone calcium leeching, which is a common occurrence among people who usually take in red meats. The use of a soy supplement could alleviate hot flashes, which is linked to the decrease of the levels of estrogen in the body. This is because of the estrogenic effects of the isoflavones that could be found in soy.

Relief for Night Sweats & Hot Flashes :To relieve frequent occurrences of night sweats and hot flashes, it is best to have a high intake of soy with its component of isoflavones. An estimated 50 grams of soy protein taken in every day is said to be helpful in alleviating these menopausal symptoms for a maximum of two years. When taken over a long period of time, soy could have positive effects on the bones and on the levels of cholesterol in the body.

Great Antioxidant : The great thing about soy is that it does not work only at alleviating menopausal symptoms. It also has two compounds known as daidzein & genistein that work greatly as antioxidants in the body. Because of the high antioxidant effects of these two compounds in a woman’s body, cancers associated with hormones like breast and uterine cancer are greatly reduced.

If you have been searching for natural treatments against menopausal symptoms, consuming a diet infused with soy or soy supplements would be very beneficial. Aside from this, soy could even be a great addition to a woman’s diet for the prevention of cancer because of its antioxidant properties.


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