How swine flu (H1N1) spreads?

The symptoms of swine flu are similar to that of other flu viruses. The symptoms of swine flu include fever, headache, chills, cough body ache, a sore throat & some times vomiting & diarrhea is experienced by the sufferer. Theses symptoms are found in other conditions also. So to determine the virus of swine flu you need to go to the doctor for lab test. The flu is not a rare illness. Many people every year suffer from some or other kind of flu.

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Swine flu is similar to other flu, like they typically spread from one person to another when an infected person coughs & sneeze. The virus can pass through infected person’s throat, nose, lungs, sending virus into the air that can pass to anyone that person comes in close contact. Remain in crowded places increases the chances of being infected.

The other main way through which the virus spreads if from touching surfaces that are contaminated with the virus & then touching your eyes, nose & mouth. An individual infected from swine flu virus can start transmitting it up to a day before the symptoms start. And up to a week after the symptoms become noticeable. The best way to protect from swine flu is to always wear a prescribed mask & avoid visiting on crowded places.

If any above symptoms appears, get in touch with the doctor for medical checkup, you can’t ignore the symptoms of flu considering that it may be an ordinary flu & will go with the time & routine medication. It is recommended that prevention is better than the cure before the epidemic of swine flu.


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