How to deal with common skin problems?

Young & old, male & female everyone experiences some skin problem, at any given time. There are many skin problems that make you depressed & it become impossible to treat them. Here are explained some common skin ailments & ways to deal with them.

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1. Freckles or dark spots : When skin is exposed to the sun, the pigmentation increases in order to protect the inner layer of the skin. Repeated exposure to the sun, especially for long time, causes the skin to tan. With the fair-skinned people, there is an accumulation of pigment in the lower layer, which gradually gets destroyed, as it is transferred to the upper layer. If pigments are not destroyed, it appears on the skin in an uneven manner in the form of freckles or dark spots.

They tend to appear on areas that are more elevated like the nose, cheekbone & forehead. If your skin has tendency to freckle, avoid excessive sun exposure. Always use sunscreen, applying it 20 minutes before sun exposure. Buttermilk or yoghurt applied daily is said to help. Use facial scrub once or twice a week. For dry skin, after the scrub, apply cold milk to soothe the skin. Milk also helps lighten freckles. For making face mask, mix oatmeal with ground almond, ripe papaya pulp & one teaspoon lemon juice. Apply & wash off after an hour. Using this twice a week help a lot.

2. Open pores : over activity of the oil glands of the skin usually results in enlarged or open pores. The constant oozing of oil & clogging of the pores lead to loss of elasticity of the pores. The skin begins to look coarse. Pores must be kept free of oil, to prevent enlarged & open pores. Use a cleanser for oily skin. Deep pore cleansing with grains & scrubs help to prevent clogging of the pores.

Tone the skin daily. Mix rose water with witch hazel in equal quantities. Wipe the face with it, using cotton wool. Some home ingredients also help tone the skin & reduce oiliness. Mix rose water with cucumber juice in equal amount & apply it on the face after cleansing. Mix multani mitti with rose water into a paste & apply. Wash off on drying. This help to reduce oil & close the pores.

3. Warts : These small, hard, uneven, raised growths, with a rough surface. They can appear on the face & other parts of the body. Some warts are caused by virus & spread easily. Never pick a wart with a nails. It is best to consult a mythologist, or go for homeopathic treatment. As far as home remedies are concerned, it is said that applying vinegar on the warts daily causes them finally fall out. Apply it only on the wart, using cotton wool. You can also soak cut onion in water overnight & apply the water on the face next morning.

4. Blackheads : Blackheads occur on oily skin or oily areas of the skin, when pores get clogged with hardened oil. The tip, being exposed to the air, oxidizes 7 turns dark. Hence the name blackheads. After washing the face in the morning , wipe the black heads prone areas with an astringent lotion, using cotton wool. In the morning after washing the face, make a paste of baking soda & water. Apply the paste on the areas with blackheads daily 7 wash it off after 5 minutes.

Use a facial scrub three times a week on the blackheads prone areas. Buy a facial scrub or you can mix rice powder with rose water & use as a facial scrub. Apply on the areas with blackheads & rub gently on the skin using small circular movement. Leave on for 5 minutes & then wash off with water or mix oatmeal with egg & apply on the areas with blackheads & open pores twice a week. Wash it off when it dries.


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