How to make your thighs sexy?

Some times wearing skirts & short dresses become embarrassing due to flabby & unshaped thighs for many young girls & women. It appears to be difficult & time consuming task to restoring tone & restructure to your thighs. Leg-toning exercises can help you get rid of this embarrassment & you don’t need any special equipment to perform these exercises. Here are explained tips that will help to tone up your thighs & provide them sexy appearance.

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1. Leg lift exercise : The exercise that targets your tight muscles is leg lift & there is no other exercise that is better than it. You can perform this exercise in your house comfortably. In order to get the best results from leg lifts, you need to lie down straight on your back & raise your legs straight into the air. You can start with two to three sets of 20 repetitions & slowly increase the sets when you feel comfortable.

2. Leg stretches : Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you. Place your hand on the floor behind you for support. Raise your right leg slightly & move it to the right side, keeping it stretched out. Then take it over your left leg as far as you can, squeeze your inner-thigh. Slowly, come back to the original position. Then repeat it with the left leg.

3. Leg Extension exercise : The exercise good for muscles tone on your thighs is leg extension. It is performed well in gym because in gym there is a machine designed for this purpose. In it the practitioner assumes a sedentary position to perform this exercise. In order to get best results try starting off by doing two to four sets of 20 repetitions then gradually increased slowly.

4. Squat exercise for thighs : The exercise which require a great strength & is designed to put tremendous mass & tone on your thighs is squat. It not only delivers great results for your thighs but also do wonder for shaping & forming your butt. The spotter should be used if performing it with heavy weights.

By the regular practice of above said simple but effective exercises one can fulfill the dream of making one’s thighs sexy & beautiful.


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