How to prevent from Cervical Cancer?

Protecting relationship is the very essence of womanhood, be it family or life itself. This protection is especially fierce when it comes to cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the no. one cause of cancer related death amongst women all over the world. Every year India loses 74000 women to cervical cancer.

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What is cervix : The cervix located at the entrance of the uterus. The cervix prevents infections from reaching the uterus. This is especially important during pregnancy, where the cervix keeps infections outside the uterus & protects the growing foetus. Cervical cancer is a cancer of the cervix. It is the most common cause of cancer related death amongst women, even more common than breast cancer.

Cervical cancer generally shows no symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. It is caused by a virus the Human Papilomavirus (HPV), which infects the cervix. This cancer is not hereditary. The virus is common & is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact of the genital area.

Who can get cervical cancer : every sexually active woman is at risk of cervical cancer, throughout her life. In fact 80 % of women will be infected with an HPV infection at some point in their life. The risk of infection begins in adolescence & continues in to adulthood. Cervical cancer affects women at the point of their lives when they play a central role in their families.

Detecting cervical cancer : Although it affects older women, younger women are at highest risk of acquiring an HPV infection that might lead to cervical cancer later in their lives. Screening test can detect abnormalities which indicate the pre-cancerous & early stages of cervical cancer. Sceening can only detect an HPV infection after it happened. It can’t prevent the infection from happening in the first place.

Preventing cervical cancer : Vaccination is the only way to prevent cervical cancer before it happens. Vaccination works by making th body produce antibodies against the virus. These antibodies protect the body from an HPV infection, by fighting the virus when it attacks the cervix. By protecting the cervix from an HPV virus , vaccination offers protection against cervical cancer. Speak to your doctor about whether the vaccination is suitable for you.


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