How to prevent from Impetigo Infection?

Impetigo infection is also known as school sores. It is a skin infection caused by streptococcus bacteria. This infection is mostly found in children of the age of two to six years. Any injury on the child’s skin can provide an entry point for the strep bacteria. Impetigo is a contagious infection that can appear anywhere on the body, though the nose and around the mouth are more likely to be affected by it.

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This infection can be spread from one person to another as well as one body part to another. It’s very important to make sure that the infection doesn’t spread. The affected area should be kept clean all the time. The affected areas should be washed about thrice a day with antibacterial soap. The affected area should not be bandaged, as it becomes more prone to bacterial attack.

The patient should not scratch the infected area. His or her nails should always be short & clean. The patient should also not share his towel with anyone else. If the patient is running a temperature along with the infection, he should see a doctor immediately, as it may imply that the infection has reached deeper levels of the skin.

Prevention from impetigo : It’s always better to prevent an infection. Keep your child’s skin moisturized all the time, especially during winter. If the child has a cold, petroleum jelly can be applied around the nose so that no skin abrasion is caused which can lead to an infection. Treat any rash or injury as soon as possible so that it does not turn into impetigo.

Usage of garlic : Patients suffer from rash can cure it by using garlic. Make a paste of garlic & apply it all over the affected region. Garlic has strong antibacterial agents that cure almost any kind of infections. Drawing a bath with a few drops of tea tree oil added to it is also beneficial. Soak in the tub for about 15 minutes everyday to get rid of the infection.

Usage of vinegar & gel : You can also treat the affected area with vinegar. Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to a pint of water and soak the affected area in this solution for approximately 20 minutes. Vinegar will kill the bacteria and remove the scabs. You can also apply aloe Vera gel about four times a day to get rid of the infection & irritation. Applying olive oil to the infected area is also very effective.


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