How to purify the alimentary canal with stomach wash?

Shankh means Stomach & Prakhshalan means to wash. By this practice we purify the elementary canal from the throat to anus. By this practice we carry out the purification of our body & the excretion of the hard elements of food from our stomach. It cures disorders of the stomach, ailments of lungs & those of wind, bile & phlegm ailments resulting from heat & cold, bad cold, troubles of eyes & head-ache. It also helps to get rid of the bad habit of smoking.

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Technique of stomach wash : Take a bucket of water & boil it well. Wait for it to become cold, mix a little quantity of salt with it. Take half a dozen glasses of water accompanied by Yogasans in the manner like first take five glass of water with asana then second time repeat the same way. Repeat this process five times. After taking six glasses of water , proceed towards latrine whether or not the urge is felt.

Don’t take long to stay there & return after the first flush. Take one glass of water after every flush up to 16-20 glasses & go on repeating the process as stated above. In the first instance, the dirty latrine will come out. There after, dirt mixed with water will follow. It will be followed by dirty & stinky water after the sixth or seven flush. After some repetition of a few more glasses of water & asans, the stomach will release all dirty particles & at the end clean water will pass through the anus.

When that stage is reached, Shankh Prakshalan is supposed to be complete. After this kriya one should start Kunjal kriya. Thirty minutes of Shavasana is advised after this process. Afterwards a preparation of rice & Moonga dal that is called Khicdi with at least 100grams of pure ghee should be taken. This is important because your intestines get completely washed by this process & when pure ghee is used bile shall not harm them.

A layer of ghee Will stick to them & they get properly lubricated. Here if one does not use Khichri he will get fever due to bilious disorder. Hence it should be taken alone nothing else. Remember it should not be too much salty. Only slight salt is advisable.


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