Treat Osteoporosis through natural remedies

Osteoporosis is a disease that can occur at any age. But it is mostly found in the people of older age. It is known as bone disorder in which the bones of the skeleton become frail due to excessive loss of tissues. This increases the chances of bone fractures. It is commonly found in spine, wrist bone & hip bone. Both men & women can get affected by this disease.

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Symptoms of Osteoporosis : The main symptom of this disease is the severe pain in that is accompanied by loss of height & by bending causing a humpback in elderly persons. Other symptoms include backache, aching long bones, problem during twisting & bending, spasm of back muscles, thinning of the pelvic bone & frequent occurrence of fractures. Some times many symptoms do not appear but with the time they slowly come out.

Causes of Osteoporosis : The cause of this problem is nutritional deficiencies that is due to the body’s inability to absorb & utilize nutrients. The prolonged deficiency of Vitamin D & calcium can cause the skeleton to shrunken & decimalize. Other causes of osteoporosis include habits such as excessive smoking, alcoholism less physical activity, hormonal imbalance in women after menopause & the much consumption of fleshy foods.

Natural remedies for osteoporosis : In natural remedies to cure the disease the first thing that should be done id to give the patient the raw juice diet for three to four days. He should be given juices of fruits & vegetables diluted with water. The fruits & vegetables that can be uses for juices are lemon, papaya, orange, pineapple, red beet, green leafy vegetables & carrot.

Switch to balanced diet : After the raw diet the patient is to be shifted to balanced diet which consists of vegetables, grains, nuts & fruits. More emphasis should be give on foods which are rich in minerals such as raw & cooked vegetables, nuts, whole grain seeds etc. Foods which are a rich source of calcium, magnesium, potassium & silicon are highly beneficial in the treatment of this disorder.

Supplementing the diet : Liberal quantities of food rich in lactic acid, barley, oats, rice, millet & sour milk products should also be consumed by the patient. It is also necessary to supplement the diet with essential mineral & trace mineral supplements & Betaine Hydrochloride tablets with each meal for proper assimilation.

Regular physical exercises : With taking care of diet, the regular physical exercises should also be undertaken by the patient for the treatment & prevention of this disease. These exercises are walking, jogging & cycling which put a stress on long bones & are highly effective.

Things to remember : Foods such as tea, coffee, white flour products, white sugar, fleshy foods, refined & processed foods, alcoholic beverages & smoking should be totally avoided by the patient suffering from osteoporosis. He should take frequent small meals instead of few large ones. Each morsel of the food should be chewed properly & carefully & overeating should also be avoided.


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