Jab of botox could cure migraines

Migraine affects many people around the world & sufferer of it can get rid of it through a painkiller & wait for his head to clear. The symptoms of migraine include nausea, vomiting, numbness, temporary paralysis & visual disturbance. The migraine can attack without any warning. It often take a day or more to subside.

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Botox when injected into frown muscles does miracle for migraine patents. They can prevent from the sudden attacks of migraines. The first port of call for sufferers is to eliminate trigger foods from their diet. Some people are sensitive to cheese, chocolate, caffeine & alcohol. Being dehydrated or having a low sugar level caused by skipping meals can also be culprits.

Some women have pre-menstrual migraines, caused by a sudden drop in hormone levels. Many suffered due to onset of tension. Many people with migraine did want to put up with chunks of free time spent in bed. one side of their head gripped as if in a giant bird's claw.

When tension builds in the supercilii muscle it puts tension on the supratrochlear nerve & occasionally, the supraorbital nerve. Those muscles contract when there's tension. In some people, those nerves are passing through the muscle. As it contracts it can impinge on the nerve & that itself can be painful or can trigger a migraine. A marked area of frowning & is injected with the mild doe of botox.

The doctors waned that it can cause a headache when the botox is injected. Patients are advised to stay sitting upright & for two days not to exercise, rub the area, have massages, wear a hat or take Nurofen which may thin the blood. These precautions ensure the Botox stays in the target area.


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