Natural Ways to shrink uterine fibroids

Many women are suffering from the problem of uterine fibroids. The woman who is suffering from it may have to undergo a surgery if any natural alternative is not available. Doctor often advises the women to have hysterectomy. But there are many natural ways through which fibroids can be shrunken. Many women do not realize that they have a fibroid unless there are certain symptoms & problems caused by it like anemia & irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding.

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Causes of fibroid : There is no exactly known the causes of fibroid it may be linked with genes or it may be linked with a rise in estrogen level in the body. The main purpose is to prevent the growth of fibroid & if it already grown then you must be able to shrink its size through some natural ways. If fibroid causes other problems then hysterectomy is done. Here is explained some natural ways to shrink fibroid.

Leading a healthy lifestyle : Having a healthy diet & maintain a healthy weight. You should include some anti-inflammatory food items like oats in your daily diet. Avoid being overweight as that increases the estrogen level in the body which in turn makes your fibroids grow larger in size. Thus, leading a healthy lifestyle with proper diet & exercise is a must.

Maintain hormonal balance : Fibroids are also triggered by hormonal imbalance. Thus maintaining a hormonal balance is a must & which can only be attained through healthy lifestyle, control over emotions & stress. Hormonal balance can also be maintained with certain natural & herbal treatments. It has also been found that certain pollutants in the air can lead to fibroids. Thus, naturally detoxifying your body can help.

Alternative treatments : These treatment include reiki, meditation, yoga, ayurveda & acupuncture too have been found beneficial in the natural treatment of fibroids. So by following the given tips you can naturally shrink the size of your fibroid & avoid surgery.


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