New gadget that offers guranteed pregnancy

New gadget open a gate way for the couples who are trying to concieve.It promises to show women with 99 % accuracy when they are most fertile. DuoFertility ovulation detector is a tiny thermometer, the size of a coin, in the form of a patch that can be worn under the arm. It promises to alert a woman to the moment her temperature rises half a degree as a result of ovulation.

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DuoFertility takes 20,000 readings at night during sleep, the ideal time to measure the body's base temperature, making it far more accurate than other existing methods. A small wireless hand-held reader processes data from the patch to tell the wearer whether she has ovulated in the last two days & whether she is likely to in the next six.

Women are most fertile on the day of the temperature spike & on the few days preceding it, so conception changes are significantly improved by knowing when that is. The information can then be loaded onto a computer to analyse the monthly fertility cycle. In the other ways of detecting ovulation require women to test a daily urine sample to identify hormonal changes. She has to wake up very early every morning & measure & manually record their body temperature. That gives only one data point for each day.

How DuoFertility works ? The DuoFertility ovulation detector is a sensor made of rubberized plastic that sticks underneath a woman's arm near her bra strap. It is designed to be innocuous & women can stick it on using an adhesive patch that covers the entire sensor, or a double-sided adhesive that sticks between the skin & sensor. The sensor contains a temperature probe & memory chip that records data every few seconds, up to 20,000 over 24 hours.

But the wireless reader processes thousands of data points & reduces them to single piece of information relayed to the user. As well as providing temperature readings the reader is designed to function as an ovulation diary. Users can input extra information including the dates of periods, how they slept, when they last had sexual intercourse & whether they have been ill.

If a woman is going to be fertile in the next six days a green light shows on the sensor, that varies in intensity according to the likelihood of getting pregnant if she has sex that day. The green light is triggered by a half degree rise in body temperature when a woman starts ovulating. If she conceives the green light stays on because the body's temperature remains high due to increased hormones.


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