Save sense of smell with a drug

New drug invented by researchers could help to tackle the common symptoms of Parkinson disease. Parkinson’s disease is caused due to a loss of nerve cells in the part of brain which is responsible for controlling & coordinating the movements of the person. This area of the brain is also linked with the human’s sense of smell.

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When a person loses this sense which is considered the first symptoms of the Parkinson disease & it is estimated that 90 % of the patients are affected from it. The drug, rasagiline, which is already used to treat some patients with later symptoms of the disease, is thought to protect or salvage the nerve cells related to smell.

In the trail patient will take the pills for three months. The researchers believe the treatment could have a huge impact on the quality of life of thousands of patients. The new research will help to treat thousands of patients in early stage of Parkinson’s disease & will help to protect their sense of smell.


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